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Well, you know those times that you work very hard to place a wonderfully balanced meal in front of your child and you have worked hard to earn the living to supply that food, put thought into the meal, worked to make it just perfect, and then they say the don’t like it or want it? They look at the meal as though it is repulsive, push it away, and ask for cereal in a box. Have you ever had one of those moments?

Well, I am certain I have given my parents many of those moments but as I was talking with the Lord He showed me that I have had many of those moments with Him as well. What? What do you mean, Lord? When have I done that to you? Oh, I get it. One of those moments. 

I’ll explain in the analogy of being a picky eater: I realized that for years He has put a dish or cup in front of me and I just look at them in wonder, aghast that I would be asked to partake of such a meal/or drink. Then ;in my mind, were thoughts of people that I truly respect some of which have wealth beyond measure and others so poor they didn’t have mice because in their home even the mice couldn’t find food (exaggerated). They didn’t serve the Lord because they were wealthy or because they were poor they didn’t serve the Lord because they were sick or well. They served the Lord because they loved the Lord and He would see them through all circumstances. It was not the circumstance that dictated their love for G_d it was their love for G_d that dictated how they viewed the circumstance in which they found themselves. It was also not their true desire to drink the contents of the cup placed before them merely because they absolutely loved the beverage inside of the cup. They drank the cup because they trusted the hand that provided that cup.

I was saying ok, I get it. I did not realize I have been pushing plates away from the table. If you see fit to create something for me or if you allow something to come into my life even if it does not seem positive I will take that cup with a glad heart (joy in suffering does not always mean laughing, merry, glee, I see it as peace in the midst of storm). I will never push away the cup you ask me to drink again and I am sorry that I have done that so many times. It was so wonderful to realize that He is so patient that He would keep trying until I got it.

To be truthful, He did serve it again. Then, I was honored to accept what was put before me instead of being a picky eater. He gives me lots of gourmet meals but He still gives me things He thinks will grow me, bless others, or give Him glory and now I see it for what it is. I never want Him to stop giving me what He thinks I need. It was a wonderful lesson and I am so thankful He took the time.

That may be one of those things that made a lot of sense to me because it was so personal and make no sense to you but I thought I would share.

Blessings to you,



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I have had several friends die of cancer and I now know several people that have lived through cancer and it seems that each person I have known with this terrible disease have had such a great struggle, story, and have each been an inspiration to me.

I was reading a letter from someone that was struggling through cancer at the time the letter was written and as they cried out to the Lord to know why, to ask such intimate questions of the Lord it was a precious journey they shared with me and others to allow us to read these thoughts and see the answers fulfilled.

The greatest thing that I picked up was about hope. Hope is not just wishing and I don’t think I had ever understood that before. As I listened to this person speaking to the Lord about hope as a wish and then realizing that hope is not just wishing things better, wishing to be well, wishing the bills would get paid, but the epiphany that He is Hope. He is our Hope, our strength, our courage, our strong-tower for those that believe in Him. To grasp that means that hope is more than an illusion and even more than that, hope is a tangible. The Lord is amazing. We can find hope in Him.

So, walking through a day full of trials and frustrations He showed me that it is not about attaining the perfection, not about the day going smooth, not about living to see tomorrow, not about being rich or poor. He showed me that it is in living and trusting Him to be that strength and Him alone. Not to depend on my own strength because it is flawed but regardless of how rough the day goes to know that He and His love will see me through. When I die I can die in peace and while I live I can live in peace. It was nice to be shown that it was not about attaining the perfection but like Paul said just in running the race.

I don’t know if that makes any sense to you but I wanted to share the thought. It was wonderful to have a really bad day and to have no idea how some of the things are going to work out in the end. However, to just know 100% that it will be ok, not always perfect but it really will be ok.

 Blessings to you!

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The Only guy ( Fred Thompson) worth the vote Dropped OUT! Well, my interest in this race just slowed down considerably. Our Fine Country is losing a great guy (the best candidate for the JOB). Now we have to make a choice between those that change their views more often than the wind changes direction. I suppose it will now become choosing the best of the worst. A sad day for our Nation.

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What Has our WORLD come to?  Who are they to decide what is ethical or safe enough for my family? NO one but each person can make that choice for their own body and their own family. They say safe but aren’t there the same issues with medicines and other foods that are deemed safe and then RIPPED from the shelves for cancer or liver issues, death, etc. They cannot erase the ethical issues here even if the medical safety were not an issue. I cannot believe that at some point a cloned animal is not going to cause issues as a food source.
They say it’s safe but that does not mean it is good enough for my family. We won’t be buying meat from animals that were produced in a way not created by God the old fashioned way. There’s something wrong with the fact that cloning is being done to living creatures anyway….I will not eat them to make it acceptable. Just because some FDA or official says it’s safe does not mean it is morally right nor does it mean that in five years they won’t come back and say…oh, our mistake, now we know it causes your offspring to mutate or something horrible. Even if nothing goes “wrong” it is still wrong. Another disgusting thing is that they are not even using the clones but the clones offspring in some cases for human consumption. They cannot sell this to me regardless of how far down the genetic ladder they go….a clone is a clone.
The site says the information may not be redistributed so I am giving you the website:

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22667305/

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This is an abomination!!!! Organic/Kosher is the only safe way not to eat the clone from farmer scientist’s cow.  

FDA OKs meat, milk from most cloned animals

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/01/15/fda.cloning/index.html

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Food from healthy clones of cattle, swine and goats is as safe as food from non-cloned animals, the Food and Drug Administration said in a report released Tuesday.


Debate has raged around food products from cloned cattle, such as this one produced by the company Viagen.

“Extensive evaluation of the available data has not identified any subtle hazards that might indicate food-consumption risks in healthy clones of cattle, swine, or goats,” the 968-page “final risk assessment” concluded.

“Thus, edible products from healthy clones that meet existing requirements for meat and milk in commerce pose no increased food consumption risk(s) relative to comparable products from sexually-derived animals.”

But the FDA said it needs more information to determine the safety of meat and milk from cloned sheep. The FDA also concluded that food from newborn cattle clones “may pose some very limited human food consumption risk.”

The purpose of using cloned animals is to improve the overall value of a given herd by creating genetic copies of donor animals, resulting in a herd that produces higher-quality milk and meat.

For years, heated debate over the use of cloned animals for food production has stretched from Congress to cattle farms and dinner tables nationwide. Video Judy Fortin has more on the debate over meat and milk from cloned animals ».

Dr. Stephen Sundlof, director of the agency’s Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, acknowledged the controversy to reporters.

About half of the more than 30,500 comments from the public the FDA has received about the matter have dealt with labeling, he said.

But, he added, agency regulators cannot require cloned products be labeled as such if — as they assert — there is no material difference between them and food produced by conventional methods.

“There’s really nothing for us to label,” he said.

Consumers won’t be able to figure it out for themselves, he said. No test exists that could distinguish meat from a cloned animal from other meat.

Either way, food products from cloned animals or their offspring would not reach store shelves for years, experts said.

But companies could label their clone-free products as such, Sundlof said. In addition, foods labeled “organic” would not contain cloned products.

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I hope you are having a wonderful New Year and that your 2008 is the best year you have had yet!!!!!!

Blessings to you and your family this year!!


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I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!! Have a peaceful holiday.

I got this posting a few minutes ago from a friend who got it from a friend so I wanted to share it with you, my friends…..

“Only two defining forces have
ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American G.I.
One died for your soul; the other
for your freedom.”    

Jesus died for both because with our soul it gives us freedom in Christ too, isn’t that awesome!!!

(I just loved that post because He was born so He could die for us so that we could live in Him, so that was such an amazing thing for someone to say). I have such deep gratitude for our G.I.s and words cannot fully express the gratitude for what you have done for our country. Thank you is so small as you give so much, even your life for ours. Thank you)!!!!!

To all of you this season: May you be blessed beyond belief as you enjoy your family, friends, and those dear to you.

Merry Christmas to you all !

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