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Well, you know those times that you work very hard to place a wonderfully balanced meal in front of your child and you have worked hard to earn the living to supply that food, put thought into the meal, worked to make it just perfect, and then they say the don’t like it or want it? They look at the meal as though it is repulsive, push it away, and ask for cereal in a box. Have you ever had one of those moments?

Well, I am certain I have given my parents many of those moments but as I was talking with the Lord He showed me that I have had many of those moments with Him as well. What? What do you mean, Lord? When have I done that to you? Oh, I get it. One of those moments. 

I’ll explain in the analogy of being a picky eater: I realized that for years He has put a dish or cup in front of me and I just look at them in wonder, aghast that I would be asked to partake of such a meal/or drink. Then ;in my mind, were thoughts of people that I truly respect some of which have wealth beyond measure and others so poor they didn’t have mice because in their home even the mice couldn’t find food (exaggerated). They didn’t serve the Lord because they were wealthy or because they were poor they didn’t serve the Lord because they were sick or well. They served the Lord because they loved the Lord and He would see them through all circumstances. It was not the circumstance that dictated their love for G_d it was their love for G_d that dictated how they viewed the circumstance in which they found themselves. It was also not their true desire to drink the contents of the cup placed before them merely because they absolutely loved the beverage inside of the cup. They drank the cup because they trusted the hand that provided that cup.

I was saying ok, I get it. I did not realize I have been pushing plates away from the table. If you see fit to create something for me or if you allow something to come into my life even if it does not seem positive I will take that cup with a glad heart (joy in suffering does not always mean laughing, merry, glee, I see it as peace in the midst of storm). I will never push away the cup you ask me to drink again and I am sorry that I have done that so many times. It was so wonderful to realize that He is so patient that He would keep trying until I got it.

To be truthful, He did serve it again. Then, I was honored to accept what was put before me instead of being a picky eater. He gives me lots of gourmet meals but He still gives me things He thinks will grow me, bless others, or give Him glory and now I see it for what it is. I never want Him to stop giving me what He thinks I need. It was a wonderful lesson and I am so thankful He took the time.

That may be one of those things that made a lot of sense to me because it was so personal and make no sense to you but I thought I would share.

Blessings to you,



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