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What Has our WORLD come to?  Who are they to decide what is ethical or safe enough for my family? NO one but each person can make that choice for their own body and their own family. They say safe but aren’t there the same issues with medicines and other foods that are deemed safe and then RIPPED from the shelves for cancer or liver issues, death, etc. They cannot erase the ethical issues here even if the medical safety were not an issue. I cannot believe that at some point a cloned animal is not going to cause issues as a food source.
They say it’s safe but that does not mean it is good enough for my family. We won’t be buying meat from animals that were produced in a way not created by God the old fashioned way. There’s something wrong with the fact that cloning is being done to living creatures anyway….I will not eat them to make it acceptable. Just because some FDA or official says it’s safe does not mean it is morally right nor does it mean that in five years they won’t come back and say…oh, our mistake, now we know it causes your offspring to mutate or something horrible. Even if nothing goes “wrong” it is still wrong. Another disgusting thing is that they are not even using the clones but the clones offspring in some cases for human consumption. They cannot sell this to me regardless of how far down the genetic ladder they go….a clone is a clone.
The site says the information may not be redistributed so I am giving you the website:

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22667305/


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This is an abomination!!!! Organic/Kosher is the only safe way not to eat the clone from farmer scientist’s cow.  

FDA OKs meat, milk from most cloned animals

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/01/15/fda.cloning/index.html

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Food from healthy clones of cattle, swine and goats is as safe as food from non-cloned animals, the Food and Drug Administration said in a report released Tuesday.


Debate has raged around food products from cloned cattle, such as this one produced by the company Viagen.

“Extensive evaluation of the available data has not identified any subtle hazards that might indicate food-consumption risks in healthy clones of cattle, swine, or goats,” the 968-page “final risk assessment” concluded.

“Thus, edible products from healthy clones that meet existing requirements for meat and milk in commerce pose no increased food consumption risk(s) relative to comparable products from sexually-derived animals.”

But the FDA said it needs more information to determine the safety of meat and milk from cloned sheep. The FDA also concluded that food from newborn cattle clones “may pose some very limited human food consumption risk.”

The purpose of using cloned animals is to improve the overall value of a given herd by creating genetic copies of donor animals, resulting in a herd that produces higher-quality milk and meat.

For years, heated debate over the use of cloned animals for food production has stretched from Congress to cattle farms and dinner tables nationwide. Video Judy Fortin has more on the debate over meat and milk from cloned animals ».

Dr. Stephen Sundlof, director of the agency’s Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, acknowledged the controversy to reporters.

About half of the more than 30,500 comments from the public the FDA has received about the matter have dealt with labeling, he said.

But, he added, agency regulators cannot require cloned products be labeled as such if — as they assert — there is no material difference between them and food produced by conventional methods.

“There’s really nothing for us to label,” he said.

Consumers won’t be able to figure it out for themselves, he said. No test exists that could distinguish meat from a cloned animal from other meat.

Either way, food products from cloned animals or their offspring would not reach store shelves for years, experts said.

But companies could label their clone-free products as such, Sundlof said. In addition, foods labeled “organic” would not contain cloned products.

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I hope you are having a wonderful New Year and that your 2008 is the best year you have had yet!!!!!!

Blessings to you and your family this year!!


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I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!! Have a peaceful holiday.

I got this posting a few minutes ago from a friend who got it from a friend so I wanted to share it with you, my friends…..

“Only two defining forces have
ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American G.I.
One died for your soul; the other
for your freedom.”    

Jesus died for both because with our soul it gives us freedom in Christ too, isn’t that awesome!!!

(I just loved that post because He was born so He could die for us so that we could live in Him, so that was such an amazing thing for someone to say). I have such deep gratitude for our G.I.s and words cannot fully express the gratitude for what you have done for our country. Thank you is so small as you give so much, even your life for ours. Thank you)!!!!!

To all of you this season: May you be blessed beyond belief as you enjoy your family, friends, and those dear to you.

Merry Christmas to you all !

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http://www.livingwaters.com/    A fun game and thought provoking. This link will take you directly there just click on the link above.

 First things first go to the start section: It looks like this, there are guys riding bikes with bike helmets on. I did not copy the photo.

 Hell’s best kept secret….is worth a listen too.

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Just click the link above it will take you there.

Very thought provoking, smart, funny, he answers his bloggers too.

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The first documented facts I have listed are under Mormon Doctrine of the Virgin Birth (please see Categories). There will be a part 2 to that, with more doctrine from the church on their stand on the Virgin Birth that isn’t so virginal according to Mormon doctrine. God’s Word says it was just what He said it was, a Virgin Birth.

See post on Joseph Smith saying he was greater than Jesus in his own words and from Mormon doctrine.

This blog is to give information. There is a lot of information out there that is either hate driven or just given by people that truly do not fully understand the differences between Mormonism and True Christianity. I even have Mormon friends that do not fully understand their own faith or what their doctrines teach. Some may be teaching things out of ignorance and others out of deception but the majority just really don’t know what their doctrines really say. Ask any questions you want and I will post information but the documents I will use will be from original sources of Mormon literature because that is the only true source to find true doctrinal information.

It has been concerning to me that people want to NOT believe in Mormonism so bad that they are willing to take information and offer it without really researching the facts. That is a sad affair because true documented facts are necessary for anyone to draw a true conclusion in any matter. False information is harmful to everyone involved. After reviewing the facts you will come to the same conclusion you had when you began your search (if you did not believe that Mormonism was a Christian faith), but at least it will be from true doctrinal sources and false information will not be spread.

I have had little time to post information from documents but I am working hard to give you text as well as reference so you may get your own Book of Mormon and other materials out and find the information for yourself and read it with your own eyes. I will use the documents actually recognized by the church as doctrinal sources so you may read those yourself. I can give you the references if at all possible and you may then look the information up yourself.

It would be great if you could then get out your Bible and check what you read against God’s Word. For His Word is the authority of all things and if it does not line up with what He says….it cannot be so. I will try at some point to put the Mormon doctrine and put verses next to that doctrine where it can be shown in the Bible to be contrary to what God Himself teaches. I have not gotten that far but I am working hard to get you as much information as possible.

In the Christian faith Paul instructed his listeners NOT to rely upon his words or teaching but to search the scriptures DAILY to see if what he said was true. Any faith that asks you to believe their words without searching the scriptures daily to check out what they are saying needs to be in question. If you find something contrary in scripture to what you are hearing that should be a red flag. Thankfully with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the facts don’t ever change. They are the same today as they were when they were written. God is alive and speaks to His people directly. However, He never contradicts what is in the Word of God! He is consistent.

I want to be accountable whether I am speaking about the Christian faith or the Mormon faith. They are clearly two separate things with no common ground as far as faith is concerned but common ground as people, friends, family, and those for which Christ Jesus died because He died for everyone on this planet. It comes down to whether you choose to believe Him or believe in an altered version of Him. That choice will not be made by bullying, fear, or intimidation, it will only come from love and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. However, it is a choice and one He asks us to make. Who will you say that He is? If there was any way to heaven but through Him than he died in vain and His life was a waste of time.

I give information so that there is not confusion because if you have information it allows you to make an informed choice. If you make a choice based on half fact it is not an informed choice and it is deceptive of anyone to offer half truth.

Please ask any questions you have and I will answer what I can from documents that support a doctrine or belief. If I do not know I am not afraid to ask and I will give you information as to the source of the fact or source of the information I gather for your answer. It seems there are many questions out there and so many people don’t know whom they may ask. This is true whether Christian, Mormon, agnostic, or any other faith.

Ask away and I will try to be faithful in answering or finding answers to your questions. I hope I can offer a non-threatening forum that allows questions to be asked and addressed.

Please feel free to email me.

May God richly bless you in your search for truth.

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