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Comment taken from the salt lake city tribune  December 5, 2007.

On the same website for The Salt Lake Tribune I saw this interesting comment:

A person named Oswald  on 12/5/2007 said he was a member of the LDS faith and this person believes Mitt Romney is pulling the wool over all of the eyes of the Mormons. In Oswald’s claim the Mormons are following Mitt based solely on religion and not looking at his liberal (he says Socialist)record in Massachusetts. It seems this Oswald is very unsatisfied and seems to be asking Mormons to open their eyes and to stop voting based on wanting a Mormon for their president.

It seems a lot like a case of reverse prejudice here…..hmmmm. When they are accusing other Americans of voting against someone based only upon the religion in question (which is ludicrous) it seems some are actually voting based upon religion alone from this person’s comments. That seems interesting and hypocritical if it is true. Good for Oswald in that this person is looking at the facts and not the religion and wants someone who stands for the beliefs this person feels best represent him/her as an American. See folks, there are people with independent thought on both sides. We have to give Americans more credit!! I suppose because this person is an LDS member that they cannot now be accussed of being a bigot like Al Sharpton’s comments on Mitt Romney, or can they?

If you want to read his post go to the Salt Lake City Tribune under the headliner Mormons hope Romney’s speech normalized the LDS church for Dec 5, 2007



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So, is it bigotry by Al Sharpton or bigotry by the Mormon faith? Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Before you answer are you up to date on the history of the oppression from the Mormon church against people of color?

 See our blog on Mormon History and People of Color for documented scripture references on black discrimination from the Mormon Church. Under Category Mormon Church and African Americans.

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